Dr Willem Lammers

Dr Willem Lammers is a GoE Professional Member in Maienfeld, Gr, Switzerland
Dr Willem Lammers
  • Geschäftsname Institute for Logosynthesis®
  • Adresse Maienfeld, Gr, Switzerland
  • Datum Registriert Qualified Dezember 1999
  • Mitgliedsnummer Member #116


Logosynthesis – Let the Magic of Words Unfold

In ancient traditions, the power of words has always been used for healing and spiritual development. A new model teaches the use of this power as a healing tool and as a self-help instrument. After years of exploration, I‘ve managed to transform ancient knowledge and modern theory into a new model for change: Logosynthesis®.
Step-by-step you learn how to use Logosynthesis to resolve negative beliefs, to change disturbing emotions and to lift the burden of physical pain. Retrieve your energy locked up in limiting fears and traumatic memories and to clear your personal space from the energy of others. By doing this, Logosynthesis can assist you in unveiling your deepest destination.

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More information about Logosynthesis and how you can learn to use it as a professional

Willem Lammers DPsych, MSc is a clinical and social psychologist, a psychotherapist, and a consultant to people and organizations. He also certified as a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA). In 1987 he founded the Institute für the Application of the Social Sciences ias AG, now in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, and has a private practice for psychotherapy, supervision and coaching. His teaching activities have taken him to many countries. In his training, he spent many hours on the interface of body, mind and spirit, in systems like transactional analysis, NLP, the Reconnection, the Monroe Institute, Energy Psychology. Logosynthesis®, is the result of these explorations.


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